Tips and Strategies

Every week we will provide a new tip or a strategy on how to solve Sudoku puzzles. So you can become a Sudoku champ and solve the toughest of Sudokus. So, roll up your sleeves, and dive right in!!!

Tip #1: Multiple values in Sudoku cells.

Tip #1: Entering multiple values in a Sudoku Cell.

Often in Sudoku, you may be left with more than one known possibility for a particular cell. In such situations, it is very helpful to be able to remember all those possibilities somehow. When Sudokus are solved on paper, we instintively write down possibilities using pencil or light ink.

Now you can conveniently achieve the same goal on your computer. The Sudoku games on SudokuSplashZone allow you to enter multiple values in a cell, without flagging error. This option is enabled by default, but to ensure that it is enabled, do the following:

First, click on the "Game Options" pane and expand it.

Next, ensure that the "Allow Multiple Values" box is checked with a green arrow. If the box is not checked, click on the box, which will enable the option.

Now you can type in more than one number in a game cell. Simply click on the cell where you want to enter values, and type in more than one number. You will see that multiple numbers will be shown in a smaller font, as below:

Similarly, once you reduce the possibilities and leave a cell with only one value, the cell will come back to its initial font size.