Link To Us

Do you want to spread the good word about SudokuSplashZone to other Sudoku fans? We have just the things you can use. Below you will find some ways by which you can link to the SudokuSplashZone website.
Simply cut and paste the following HTML code into your webpage and you wll have a link to the SudokuSplashZone website.

HTML CodeWhat you will see
I hang out at the < a href = "" >SudokuSplashZone!!<a>I hang out at the SudokuSplashZone!!
Dare to play in the < a href = "" >SudokuSplashZone!!<a>Dare to play in the SudokuSplashZone!!
At the < a href = "" >SudokuSplashZone<a> I am always in the heart of action!!At the SudokuSplashZone I am always in the heart of action!!
Create your own link!

SudokuSplashZone Button

We have a nifty looking button for you to display on your website. Read below for instructions on how to use this button.

License: You can download the following SudokuSplashZone button and display it on your own website solely to link to to the SudokuSplashZone website. When the button is displayed, it MUST always have a link to Use of this button in any other manner or for any other purpose is explicitly prohibited. By downloading the button and displaying it anywhere, you agree to the terms of this license.

Right click on the button and save it. Assuming you have named the button as sudoku_splashzone_btn.gif, following HTML code will link the button to the SudokuSplashZone website:

<a href="">
  <img alt = "Sudoku Splash Zone" src = "sudoku_splashzone_btn.gif"/>